FireballXL8 is a trademark of:

Yuyosoft Innovations Inc., N400-5811 Cooney Road, Richmond BC, CANADA V6X 3M1.


Register as a member to use the FireballXL8 translation terminology tool.

This information is provided during the signup process, and is also available under Membership, from the main menu.

Membership takes one of two forms: FireballXL8 Free Version at no cost to the user, and FireballXL8 Full Version for an annual payment of US$200. The main difference between the memberships is that the Free Version is more restricted in its limits, i.e. the number of segments and glossary terms allowed per run, and the number of runs allowed. Both memberships provides you with the ability to use the Fireball XL8 system, for a single user only, on one computer and one browser window/tab at a time, and usage is subject to the following additional conditions:

(a) Each member is only allowed to process one file at a time, i.e. running the software in multiple browser tabs or windows, or multiple devices, is not permitted.

(b) Limits: Free Version (500 segments, 500 glossary terms, 60 uses per month). Full Version (unlimited segments and glossary terms as long as the sdlxliff and glossary files do not exceed 20MB each, 1,000 uses per month). Each uploaded glossary or sdlxliff file is limited to 5MB for the Free Version, and 20MB for the Full Version.

(c) Sharing of your account or password with any other person is strictly prohibited.

(d) You may not run a business offering to use this tool on behalf of your clients. You may, of course, use this tool in your own translation work for your clients.

How to sign up
To become a member, simply click on the Sign Up button and then complete the simple registration details. This is necessary for both Free and Full Versions. For the Full Version, you will be able to pay your first annual $200 fee securely online, by credit card (note the padlock symbol on your browser, indicating that this is an SSL secure site).

NOTE: FireballXL8 has been tested with SDL Trados Studio 2009-2019 SDLXLIFF files, on Macs and Windows computers with Firefox or Chrome browsers. However, there are many versions of SDL Trados and operating system configurations. Before signing up, we strongly recommend using the Free Version, to ensure that FireballXL8 will work well with your SDL Trados and computer configurations, as refunds are not possible. We will endeavor to support future versions of SDLXLIFF should there be any, but without knowing what these are, we are unable to promise that this software will work with anything other than the version of SDLXLIFF as of the year 2019.

IMPORTANT TERMS AND CONDITIONS (by signing up, you indicate your agreement to the following):

If, at a later date, you need to refer to these details again, you will find them under the menu item “Membership”.

  1. Availability
    Our service is currently hosted on industry leader Liquid Web, who have almost 100% production platform uptime. However, the Internet is such that there are many links between your computer and any hosting provider, any of which may fail or cause delays and timeouts. So if you cannot reach a particular web site, including ours, it is really something out of our control, and we will not be held responsible in such an event. Due to unavoidable circumstances, such as Acts of God or the technology becoming outdated, we reserve the right to terminate the service, providing at least 60 days’ notice to the e-mail address on record.
  2. Payments and Refunds
    We are unable to offer full or partial refunds of any kind for any reason whatsoever, including termination of your membership as described under “Acceptable Use” below. The fee for the Full Version is an annual fee, but we will contact you about whether you wish to renew each time, and your card will not be subjected to automatic renewal payments of any kind.
  3. Performance
    This service saves most translators a significant amount of time, which means you can translate more words per day, increasing your profit as a professional translator. However, the gains do depend on the quality of your glossary, and your ability to work productively with substituted text–we do not make any claims with respect to usefulness or performance or profitability of the software.
  4. Security/privacy
    Each user account has a dedicated space on a secure SSL server. We do not maintain any membership information or any of your files at our company’s premises–everything is currently on secure servers. It is important that you understand that in the extremely unlikely event that their security is compromised, we regret that we will not be held responsible. We do NOT store credit card information of any kind–all such information passes through our payment processor and does not come to us.
  5. Acceptable Use
    You may not resell this service, or use your account to process files for someone other than yourself or your company (if you are using the software as a full-time employee officially tasked with using the sofware). Similarly you may not share your password with anyone else, or allow logging in from two devices, windows or browsers simultaneously.
  6. Disclaimer
    The system is provided as-is. We have tested the software extensively and continue to improve it, as feasible, in response to any bug reports, user feedback or performance issues; however, we regret that we will not be responsible for any untoward results, damages or losses due to the use of this system, including possibly an inability to process certain files, errors and omissions in the software specifications and performance.
  7. Early termination
    This should almost never happen, but in the very rare event that we detect, in our sole judgment, any hacking, misuse of this system, non-payment, or violation of any of these terms and conditions, we reserve the right to terminate the relevant user account without prior notice, based solely on our judgment, and with no refund. Of course we will attempt to contact you immediately. We do not envisage this ever happening, as so far, all our users have not caused any problems whatsoever in this regard. If you feel that your account has been terminated unfairly, perhaps if your password was stolen, please do not hesitate to contact us to appeal your case.

If you have any enquiries about these terms and conditions, please contact us using the contact form on this site. Thank you.

Okay, enough with the legal stuff, on to the signup now!